Integrity, trust define Solid Rock Roofing’s success

From the ice and snow, strong winds and frigid air of winter to the scorching sun, heavy rains and sweltering humidity of summer, roofs are exposed to a vast array of weather elements. Replacing what is one of a home’s most valuable assets is a significant investment, which is why choosing a reputable and trustworthy roofing contractor is an important decision.

“The State of Ohio does not require a license for roofing contractors, and the average contractor remains in business for just two years,” Cheryl Smith explained. “Whether you need maintenance or repairs to your existing roof, or to add a new roof, it’s crucial to work with a company that is local, stands behind its work and has longevity and credibility.”

Founded in 1990 by Tracy Hanning, Cheryl’s father, Sold Rock Roofing was honored with a BBB Eclipse Integrity Award in 2017. Known by his family and peers as a trustworthy man of faith and integrity, Mr. Hanning chose a name that reflected those traits after retiring from a long career as an industrial arts teacher in the Trotwood school system and following his passion.

Solid Rock Roofing started from the garage of its founder’s Washington Township home until moving to its current location at 653 Congress Park Dr. in Centerville in 2012.  After working in medical office administration at The Children’s Medical Center and pharmaceutical sales with Bristol Myers Squibb, Cheryl joined her father and served as a partner for nine years before he retired and she purchased the company in 2014. Solid Rock Roofing remains a family business spearheaded by Cheryl and her son, Grant Smith.

“As a small business owner – and especially as a contractor – your business is a reflection of who you are,” Cheryl said. “Two questions are always at the forefront of my mind. How would I want to be treated and what is the story that I want my customers to tell about their experience with us.”

Mirroring Solid Rock Roofing, Cheryl’s family has deep roots in Centerville.  She has lived in the community with her husband. Terry, for 25 years. Their two songs, Grant and Joe, and their daughter, Taylor, are Centerville High School graduates.  Cheryl served on the Centerville Board of Education from 2004 to 2008.

Longstanding local roots, complemented by a tradition of favorable reviews, are essential factors to consider when searching for a roofing contractor, Grant Smith believes.

“We differentiate our business by transparency and standing behind our work,” he explained. “After all, a warranty means nothing if the company that did the work and offered that warranty is no longer around.”

Cheryl and her son continue the reputation for giving clients peace of mind and demonstrating that the “Solid Rock” definition remains steadfast.

“We performed a roof replacement and two skylight replacements for a customer, Neal Charske. He contacted us last year and said there was a leak between the two skylights. His seven-year labor warranty had expired,” Grant said. “We examined the area and discovered a slow leak that started before the warranty expired, so we made the repair at no cost to him.”

Solid Rock Roofing performs residential roof and gutter replacement and repairs, siding replacement and repairs, attic insulation and snow removal. The company recently purchased Miami Valley Roof Cleaning to expand the menu of services. Seasonal roofing tune-ups, and cleaning, are beneficial maintenance steps to prolonging a roof’s life.

“We are one of the few roofing companies you will find that offers cleaning, but it is an ideal addition because, as skilled roof technicians, we know where to look for trouble spots on any roof, and we understand how to safely navigate a roof without damaging it,” Cheryl said. “Cleaning your roof is not solely about its appearance; but it can also prevent the need for eventual repairs since algae, moss, mildew and more causes stains and can lead to water damage and the growth of mold inside your home.”

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