Solid Rock Roofing’s tips for preparing your roof for winter

Leaves on the trees are emblazoned with vibrant colors, which is a sure sign that autumn in Ohio is here. In a matter of weeks, though, the beautiful colors will give way to empty branches, and the inevitable harsh winter weather will arrive. You prepare for winter by getting your car services and having your furnace inspected. Your roof should be a priority, too, considering that it is one of your home’s most important elements.

“Many homeowners don’t think about maintaining their roof until they see a spot appear on their ceiling. At that point, you will need roof repairs, and you will need to paint your ceiling,” Sold Rock Roofing’s Grant Smith said. “Being a proactive homeowner can save you thousands of dollars. Maintaining your roof is an important part of your to-do list as winter approaches.

Founded in 1990 by Tracy Hanning and a longtime Centerville business, Solid Rock Roofing is owned and operated by Tracy’s daughter, Cheryl Smith, and Grant, her son. The company performs residential roof and gutter replacement and repairs, and attic insulation. The company recently purchased Miami Valley Roof Cleaning to expand the menu of services. Seasonal roofing tune-ups, and cleaning, are beneficial maintenance steps to prolonging a roof’s life.

Ideally, homeowners will have a roof tune-up done every two years, Smith said.

Roofs are out in the open, exposed to all kinds of weather. They take a beating from the hot sun, ice and snow, heavy rains and strong winds. The hot days of summer may have caused contraction of different roof elements, which could result in leaks if not addressed. Chimney flashings are especially vulnerable to summer heat and are prone to cracking open. They should be checked every year for damage. Pipe seals are also susceptible to splitting and needing to be replaced.

If you aren’t actively inspecting your roof, you won’t notice the split rubber seals on the plumbing vent pipes. You won’t see the nails that are backing out of the roof vents and flashing components. You’ll miss the cracks developing on the chimney crown and the mortar holding the chimney brick together. The caulk on your wood frame chimneys could be deteriorating. You’ll be unaware of any problems from your rain gutters. You won’t see missing shingles that are exposing the roof deck.

A light winter snow can blow into your attic through certain type of roof vents. The long metal ridge vents are more prone to allow blowing snow to enter your home. Box vents can allow snow to enter, too. After resting on your attic floor, the snow eventually melts and may appear as a ceiling statin after about a week of winter weather.

“We get a lot of calls to fix leaks that are not actually leaks,” Grant explained. “In the coldest parts of winter, the warm moist interior air of a home will collide with the cold dry air that surrounds your home resulting in changing humidity from gas into liquid. High humidity in the air increases the likelihood of this happening. You can see it as steam on the inside of windows or on a mirror in the bathroom after a shower.

“When this reaction happens inside of your home, uncontained water may drip into the living space of your home near a register or ceiling exhaust fan in a bathroom,” he added. “Water may even appear as a stain on your ceiling that may lead you to believe that it’s a roof leak.

In the wintertime, you may see this in your attic if your home allows the warm moist air to flow into the attic due to poor insulation or gaps in the insulation barrier above the ceiling of the living space. Solid Rock Roofing offers insulation inspections, which can prevent homes from losing heat.

Other services Solid Rock Roofing offers to prepare for winter include having your gutters cleaned and adjusted, inspecting your roof for any missing shingles and sealing flashing points around furnace pipes and flashings in valley areas.

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