Golf is a lifetime sport for longtime and new MVGA members alike

Whether you first hold a club when you are old enough to walk, or if you transition into the game because you can no longer play something more physically rigorous, golf is a lifelong sport.

The Miami Valley Golf Associations programs and members illustrate the golf’s longevity in a person’s life. From youth programs like The First Tee of Greater Miami Valley to the Miami Valley Masters, MVGA inspires everyone from children to seniors to enjoy the competitive and recreational aspects of the game.

MVGA has members who are as young as elementary school aged to seniors who are in their 90s. As one senior member said, “You can play golf right up until your last breathe. You can’t play tennis, basketball or even softball forever, but you can play golf right up until the end.”

With more men and women turning 50 and older than at any point in American history, golf has the potential to surge in popularity. The appeal for learning the game when you are 50 and older is diverse. You can immerse yourself in instruction and practice, and you can compete in tournaments and events. Or you can play recreationally at your own pace in a relaxed atmosphere amid nature’s splendor with friends.

Among the reasons why golf is a lifelong sport are:

Fun – Finding a sport you enjoy is one of the keys to sticking to it once you start. It’s easier to find the time and spend the money for exercise when it’s also a fun game that might even become a passion.

Exercise – Walking 18 holes equals around five miles and around 2,000 calories. Golf can also serve as a moderate form of exercise and offers a range of physical and mental health benefits.

Healthy for the mind – Golf is a sport that is defined by integrity. You call penalties on yourself. You report your own score. Your mind and the course are your opponents. It’s a game that promotes high principles and values, which are traits that remain important at every stage of life.

Build New and Existing Friendships – Golf is more of a lifestyle than a sport for many people. It encourages camaraderie and relationship building. You can play a round of golf and then head to the 19th hole for beverages, food and conversation.

Family Connections – Together time is a challenge for many families in today’s fast-paced world. If you play 18 holes with you spouse and children, it’s an ideal way to get hours of quality time together.

Networking – Golf is an exceptional opportunity to network and strengthen relationships with existing and potential clients.

Golf allows you to compete with yourself to improve your previous score, and play against others to test your skill. For more information about programs available to cultivate your interest in the sport, visit