Dayton-area restaurants turn to BioShield 75 to provide lasting protection from viruses, offer peace of mind for customers

By Jeff Louderback

Dayton – Surfaces cleaned with traditional sanitizers become contaminated again the moment they are touched, which poses a challenge for restaurants that are already facing stiff restrictions during the Covid-19 crisis. In the Dayton area, multiple dining establishments are using BioShield 75, which forms a protective layer that lasts up to 90 days once it is sprayed.

“When you learn what it does, why wouldn’t you use it,” said Marci Johannes, owner and operator of Mr. Boros Tavern in Springboro. “Customers feel comfortable knowing that we are taking added precautions.

“We spray it on everything – even our golf machine, Touch Tunes and Keno. We use it on refrigerators, freezers, sinks, tables, chairs, menus and POS systems,” Johannes added. “Simply put, we apply it to any surface that is touched.”

Achieving sustained safety and projecting peace of mind are essential objectives for any destination, especially as the presence of Covid-19 remains. A recent study published in the Virology Journal discovered that Covid-19 can survive on common surfaces for as long as 28 days. Traditional disinfectants stop working the moment the treated surface is touched again. Matrix Antimicrobial’s BioShield products create a barrier that protects for up to 90 days.

“When you walk into a restaurant, and sit at a table like where we are now, the protection from the traditional disinfectant is gone the second you touch the table,” Matrix Antimicrobial co-founder Todd Goodwin explained between sips of coffee at Mr. Boros. “The table, the chairs, the door handle – anything that is touched – has to be sprayed multiple times each day, and those disinfectants are harsh chemicals.

“BioShield forms a protective barrier for up to 90 days, which saves time and money for the business, and provides comfort for customers,” Todd added. “It’s simple to use. Just spray it on the surface, and it destroys microbes without using toxic chemicals.”

There are hundreds of traditional disinfectants. Most kills viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, the virus strain that causes COVID-19. Tests conducted in 2020 at two independent laboratories showed that BioShield Technology has an immediate kill of more than 99 percent of the virus strain causing COVID-19 – without the harsh chemicals and the need to apply to surfaces multiple times each day.

BioShield 75 is an EPA-registered food contact surface treatment. Fire departments use BioShield in their uniforms to keep bacteria counts down. It is also used inside ambulances, fire trucks, and hospitals. The textile industry uses it on fabrics.

Dining out at restaurants is an integral part of our culture and economy, and right now when anxiety is high, it is especially important to convey to the public that you are demonstrating a commitment to cleanliness and safety, Zahora said. Chappy’s in Washington Township, Heather’s in Springboro, and Coco’s Bistro, Butter Café and The Trolley Stop in Dayton are among other restaurants that use BioShield 75.

“Restaurants are struggling to keep their doors open, and customers want to know that places are taking taking added measures to provide a clean and safe environment,” said Amy Zahora, executive director of the Miami Valley Restaurant Association. “When Marci told me about BioShield and how they are using it, I thought it would be valuable for other restaurants in the association.

“Restaurants were already focused on deep cleaning before Covid-19, and they already adhered to strict protocols,” she added. “BioShield offers comfort at a time when anxiety is high and restaurants are doing everything they can to stay in business and protect their customers and staff.”