BioShield 75 provides peace of mind protection for 90 days, serves as safer and more effective option

By Jeff Louderback

Cincinnati – Not so long ago, most customers who walked into a business focused their attention on cleanliness. Then COVID-19 arrived, and the conversation changed.

“People once said to themselves, ‘Is this place clean?’ Now they are asking, ‘What are you doing to protect me?’” said Todd Goodwin, co-founder of Matrix Antimicrobial. “Businesses, schools, and government institutions among others must be diligent in what they do behind the scenes to properly sanitize, but they also have to re-assure the public theirs is a safe place to be.”

Achieving sustained safety and projecting peace of mind are essential objectives for any destination, especially as the presence of Covid-19 remains. A recent study published in the Virology Journal discovered that Covid-19 can survive on common surfaces for as long as 28 days. Traditional disinfectants stop working the moment the treated surface is touched again. Matrix Antimicrobial’s BioShield products create a barrier that protects for up to 90 days.

“When you walk into a restaurant, and sit at a table like where we are now, the protection from the traditional disinfectant is gone the second you touch the table,” Todd explained between sips of coffee at a tavern that is now using BioShield Technology. “The table, the chairs, the door handle – anything that is touched – has to be sprayed multiple times each day, and those disinfectants are harsh chemicals.

“BioShield forms a protective barrier for up to 90 days, which saves time and money for the business, and provides comfort for customers,” Todd added. “It’s simple to use. Just spray it on the surface, and it destroys microbes without using toxic chemicals.”

Matrix products are applied to any dry surface. Once it dries, it forms a protective microbiostatic layer of positively charged long chain molecules. Harmful organisms are attracted to the positively charged ions and through lysis of the cell wall, the cell is destroyed. The destroyed cell cannot mutate or replicate. This means it avoids the possibility of developing antimicrobial resistance.

“That is the scientific explanation. Simply put, BioShield offers always-on protection,” said Nicholas Goodwin, who founded Matrix Antimicrobial with Todd, his father, and their business partner Mark Williams, who has extensive experience in chemical processes. “Since it doesn’t use toxic chemicals, it’s safe for customers and employees alike. It’s water-soluble, so it can be used on all surfaces without discoloring or leaving residue.”

The Goodwins launched their father-son venture in 2019 when they started researching the technology. Todd worked for 30 years in the employee benefits industry while Nicholas earned a law degree in 2015. They also have a cybersecurity company.

“After extensive research and development, we introduced Matrix in 2020, and then COVID-19 happened,” Nicholas said. “More attention is being directed to sustained, effective sanitizing, and since BioShield is effective for up to 90 days, that saves customers money in labor and materials.”

There are hundreds of traditional disinfectants. Most kill viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, the virus strain that causes COVID-19. Tests conducted in 2020 at two independent laboratories showed that BioShield Technology has an immediate kill of more than 99 percent of the virus strain causing COVID-19 – without the harsh chemicals and the need to apply to surfaces multiple times each day.

BioShield 75 is EPA-registered and an approved food contact surface treatment. Fire departments use BioShield in their uniforms to keep bacteria counts down. It is also used inside ambulances, fire trucks, and hospitals. The textile industry uses it on fabrics.

“It’s used on hard and soft surfaces, and porous and non-porous surfaces,” Todd said. “The fact that textile companies use it on fabrics, and restaurants use it on surfaces that food touches, demonstrates just how safe it is.”

Matrix Antimicrobial customers range from school systems like Troy City School and Oak Hills in Cincinnati, colleges like East Tennessee State University, restaurants including Mr. Boro’s Tavern in Springboro, and organizations like the Ohio Trucking Association in Columbus. The Goodwins say they are expanding their base of customers in the restaurant and health care industries as well as school systems, colleges, local and state government offices, and statewide and national associations among other clients.

The Goodwins have introduced a hand sanitizer for consumers, and they plan to debut more products for commercial and home use in 2021.

“Even when the COVID-19 crisis subsides, there will always be a need to protect homes and businesses from bacteria,” Nicholas said. “There will always be a need for a safe, effective, and long-lasting treatment that saves time and money.”