Xanni Burton’s resiliency leads to new chapter as LUXE Elite Group founder

Today, Xanni Burton has a thriving career as the founder of Dayton-based LUXE Elite Group, which is affiliated with Irongate Inc. Realtors. A few years back, though, she abruptly faced a life-altering challenge.

It wasn’t unheard of, getting divorced and starting a new chapter as a single mom. Xanni’s story presented an added layer of difficulty, however. At the time, she had five children and no professional work experience. Her job to that point was raising her children. Admittedly, Xanni recalls, panic set in.

“How am I going to do this with kids? How am I going to do this alone?” Xanni said. “I thought, ‘I’m going to start something or else I’m going to be left with nothing.’”

Raised in Lynchburg, a small town in Clinton County, Xanni settled in Beavercreek and spent 11 years as a stay-at-home mom – a simultaneously exhaustive and emotionally rewarding career itself. Upon getting divorced, she started a small business cleaning homes. One of the clients was a real estate company that flipped houses, and it was owned by a childhood friend’s father.

“He consistently encouraged me to get my real estate license,” Xanni explained. “Cleaning was hard work on my body, but I kept doing it because I had built a loyal client base.

“One day I was so worn out from a day of cleaning that my shoulder was hurting, and I said to myself that it’s time to jump,” she added. “It was sink of swim, and I dove. Fear is a definitely a motivating factor that allows you to reach achievements you never imagined possible.”

Xanni earned her real estate license in 2015 and completed her first contract six months later. In her fourth year, she reached $4.5 million in sales. Last year, the entrepreneurial mom who has six daughters and one son launched LUXE.

“Sincere and consistent communication and transparency are essential for success in real estate because clients will be happy and, in turn, they will tell others about their positive experience with you,” Xanni said. “I reached a point where I could not keep up with my current clientele.

I called a friend, Laura Long, because I respect her and trust her, and it turns out she was praying about an opportunity,” Xanni added. “That led to the start of LUXE.”

Xanni knew that she didn’t want her personal name in the company’s name . “I wanted to reflect a team atmosphere – a family atmosphere,” she said. A social media post generated ideas, and LUXE stood out. In its first year, the team has tallied $15 million in sales.

“We focus on making clients know they are important people and not just a transaction,” Xanni said. “Every circumstance is different. Maybe it is a single mom looking for a safe and affordable house for her family, a young couple upgrading to a larger home, or a downsizing couple among other possibilities.

“Regardless of the circumstance, it goes back to the importance of communication and transparency so clients understand every step of the process and feel like they are people, and not just a transaction,” Xanni added. “I hear from some clients that, with some Realtors, you hear from them at the beginning and then at the end. The team we have built at LUXE is a family, and we treat our clients as if they are part of our family.”

Xanni attributes success as a Realtor and business owner to the teamwork cultivated among her seven children.

My two older girls – Grace, 16, and Sydni, 15 – take care of their younger siblings when I am at work. They do the laundry, make sure the dishes are clean, and put the kids to bed when I am out at appointments,” Xanni said. “We are all a team that contributes to bridge any gaps. The kids know I need to work to fulfill their needs. And they help me bridge the gap because I’m only one person. I’m truly blessed with my career and my family, and that makes each day – no matter how frenetic it is – worthwhile.”