RX2Live drives revenue for medical practices, enhances services for patients

Most doctors want to have a positive impact on their patients, yet with the structure of the modern-day health care system, helping patients and generating increased revenue can be challenging. Recognizing this, RX2Live has emerged as a company that provides enhanced services for patients and increases revenue for practices. RX2Live’s model attracted the interest of Mike Neroni, a corporate executive who was ready for the next chapter in his career. He launched RX2Live in the Dayton market last August.

“Whether you’re a practitioner with a medical practice, the HR Director of a corporation, or the Executive Director of a senior living facility, RX2Live programs and services are designed to help you offer more to your patient and customer base while increasing revenue, requiring minimal or no cost and not having to hire additional staff,” Neroni said. “RX2Live is an innovative company with a genuine passion to help people, and that is what inspired me to get involved.”

A 1982 Alter High School graduate, Neroni earned bachelor’s degree in business from John Carroll University followed by an MBA. He joined what was then known as Day International. The company was an international leader in consumable printing and packaging products, providing items like printing blankets and sleeves, and pre-inked rolls to some of the most recognizable newspapers and magazines., among other clients. Eventually, Day International became Flint Group, and Neroni climbed the ladder to global vice president before he retired in July 2019.

“The industry was in decline, and the job was not fun anymore,” Neroni said. “I wanted a new challenge, and I found it with RX2Live because it’s an emerging company in an industry with tremendous growth potential. Most importantly, it’s a role where I can make a positive impact because RX2Live is a brand that is committed to doing just that.”

Medical management professionals tend to feel like they’re on a hamster wheel, spinning in circles while remaining on a plateau with limited growth in revenue. RX2Live allows practices to increase income without changing their routine.

Among these programs and services are:

Chronic Care Management

The number of patients who qualify for Medicare is on the rise. Some reports estimate that more than 50 million Americans fit into this group. RX2Live provides compliant software so practices can capture an electronic record of 20 minutes or more of non face-to-face visits with patients, which is a requirement to get reimbursement from Medicare for this work. RX2Live’s system 100 percent turnkey, requiring no labor for the practices since RX2Live’s staff administers the care plans. A certified medical clinician is assigned to each practice.

“Practices can expect a new stream of revenue of approximately $15 per patient per month with no investment on their part,” Neroni said. “Plus, patients will feel more engaged, knowing that they have your time to look forward to on a monthly basis.”

Small Fiber Neuropathy Biopsies

Small Fiber Neuropathy (SFN) is a type of neuropathy that predominately affects small-caliber sensory nerve fibers, which control the Perception of pain (pinprick), and cold and heat stimuli. Patients with SFN usually present with numbness, tingling (pins and needles Sensation), and pain.

RX2Live works with the premier labs in the country that provide the tools and medically trained personnel to offer neuropathy biopsies to a practice or senior care center. The revenue can be significant, and the benefits to the practice are many. All training, equipment, biopsy kits and return shipping to the lab are provided at no charge to the practitioner.

Behavioral Health Screenings

More Americans than ever before are suffering from mental and emotional distress.  According to a new study published in the journal Psychiatric Services, 3.4% of the U.S. population, or more than eight million Americans, suffer from serious psychological distress (SPD).

RX2Live has an innovative tool that allows doctors to easily and effectively conduct 22 mental health screenings right from their office. The turnkey system that is automated, customized and provides critical information about a patient’s overall health. The RX2Live in-office screening system is easy to implement and can be incorporated into the operations of the practice onsite quickly and seamlessly. RX2Live’s system drives revenue to practices through automatic billing of the screenings.

Among the additional services from RX2Live that allow practices to provide expanded offerings that benefit the care of their patients include a wide range of diagnostic lab services.

RX2Live offers comprehensive laboratory services for senior living communities and physicians through its network of diagnostic labs. This gives practices the opportunity to provide lab work for the early detection of viral or bacterial issues affecting a patient.

Lab results are returned quickly so physicians can develop personalized treatment strategies to improve the health and wellness of their patients. The objectives are to diagnose more accurately, detect illness and disease earlier, prevent the progression of illness and disease, and develop personalized treatment strategies to improve health and wellness.

Tests that are rapidly emerging are:

GENETWORx Molecular PCR  Lab Testing

PCR (polymerase chain reaction) testing has many uses, including diagnosing genetic diseases, and finding bacteria and viruses. RX2Live’s GENETWORx Molecular PCR Testing is innovative because it offers an accurate diagnosis within eight hours, detects 26-plus pathogens and identifies nine classes of antibiotic resistant markers among other benefits.  Most labs grow cultures. That takes several days and doesn’t necessarily identify all pathogens. It can result in false negatives.  PCR testing is more efficient.  RX2Live utilizes PCR for some of the most common lab tests including UTI, GYN, RPP (Respiratory), GI (Gastrointestinal) Wound and Nail. Unlike cultures, PCR is 99 percent accurate and has a quick 24-hour turnaround time.

Pharmacogenetiics (PGX) Testing

Pharmacogenetics is the study of genetic variation that predicts how someone will react to specific drugs. How we respond to medication is determined in large part by our genetic makeup. PGX tests serve as a tool that predicts which drugs will be most effective for patients based on their individual DNA. The test allows physicians to determine the correct drug and dosage for the patient to avoid adverse drug reactions, which are the third leading cause of death in the US. PGX testing provides evidence-based, actionable data that creates a personalized perspective for clinicians.

CGX Testing (Hereditary Cancer Test)

CGX testing from a saliva sample may identify inherited genetic mutations that can increase a person’s lifetime risk of certain cancers. The CGX test features a panel of 94 genes suspected to play a role in predisposing patients to breast, colorectal, pancreatic, melanoma, ovarian, and prostate cancers as well as Lynch Syndrome. RX2Live has partnered with leading diagnostic laboratories to provide the test.

DNA Testing

RX2Live provides the testing kit and patients can take their own sample at their convenience. The lab conducts a full sequence analysis of the DNA and provides a Customized Wellness Plan consisting of the types of optimal exercises that are optimal, information on macronutrient breakdown and how to adjust food intake to optimal levels, and recommended supplements

Since launching RX2Live in the Dayton market, Neroni has immersed himself in the health care industry and has spent hours meeting with medical practices. Examples of these practices include primary care physicians, urologists, neurologists, cardioligists, podiatrists,  OB/GYNs, pain management practices and chiropractors among other medical professionals.

Independent living and assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities, continuing care retirement communities are among RX2Live’s client base as well with the senior wellness services. Corporate wellness is another area in which RX2Live focuses.

“More Americans are 50 and older, and 65 and older, today than at any other time in our country’s history,” Neroni said. “Considering that, and that people are living longer because of medical technology innovations, RX2Live provides services that enhance senior resident care and improve overall outcomes.

“With the wide range of products and services RX2Live provides, I’m able to help practices increase their revenue and enhance their patients’ quality of life,” Neroni added. “This new chapter is exciting because of the limitless positive impact for people and the practitioners who take care of them.”

RX2Live has an array of other programs, including thermal imaging, light therapy, microcurrent therapy, and stem cells. For more information, visit, www.DaytonOhio.RX2Live.com.