Rememoire’s personal documentaries preserve family legacies

One particular black-and-white photo that spurred an idea for a business that preserves legacies is especially captivating to Saylan Lukas. In the image, his grandfather is dressed in his Navy uniform, with his grandmother by his side. It was taken not long after World War II, and the strikingly dashing couple have a myriad of chapters in their lives that await.

Lukas, who is married and has a 2-year-old daughter and an infant son, was inspired to produce a film that told his grandparents’ story. The result was a personal documentary he created for their 70th anniversary. It received such an emotional response from the family that he hatched the idea to build a company centered around preserving the legacies and telling the stories of families through customized documentaries, and Rememoire was born.

“Every person has something interesting about them, and families have patriarchs and matriarchs who have an abundance of stories that the younger generations in their families want to know,” Lukas said. “Sharing your life’s journey with your loved ones is a lasting gift for future generations, and that is our focus with every personal documentary we create.

“Rememoire is a service that preserves the unique character of loved ones and offers something more impactful than a box of photos or 8mm home movies,” Lukas added. “This is the gift of your wisdom, experiences and stories that stand the test of time.”


Lukas has a master’s degree in engineering and an MBA, and he envisioned launching a business that would benefit people and leave a positive impact. By filming in-home interviews and combining family photos with home movies to create a full-length feature film, Rememoire’s multi-generational stories become an oral history and a family heirloom.


Rememoire offers three main options:


  • The Gold Package, which includes a full day of interviewing and preserving photos and home movies that result in a one-hour movie
  • The Platinum Package, which offers two days of interviewing and preserving photos and home movies that result in a two-hour film
  • The Diamond Package, which features up to five days of interviewing and preserving photos and home movies that lead to a tree-part docu-series


Each project includes a Rememoire team composed of a Story Account Specialist, Writer, Producer, and Film and Content Editor. One package option even includes a luxury viewing party for families who want a red carpet event and movie screening. Rememoire works individually with families to define how they want to capture and express their history and memorable moments.


“With the increase of cable networks producing entertaining documentaries, storytelling has become more popular than ever,” Lukas said. “Rememoire provides families a forum to tell meaningful stories they otherwise might not have known, and allow younger generations in the future to get to know an impactful family member they didn’t get a chance to meet. This is a gift that is unique and memorable any time of the year.”


For more information on Rememoire, contact, visit or on social media @rememoire on Instagram and Facebook

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