Radiant Networks continues to grow, opens office in Tampa Bay region

The Louisville-based wireless engineering and consulting company’s new location created to serve evolving major client base.

 Tampa – Secure wireless mobility empowers the workforces of large enterprises, small businesses and home offices alike, making all of them more competitive in today’s economy. Radiant Networks carved a niche in the industry long before it was “cool to do wireless,” co-founder Dan Cooper likes to say. The vital need for wireless mobility, and the company’s vast experience and knowledge, continues to propel Radiant Networks’ growth as the Louisville-based firm has expanded to the Tampa/St. Petersburg region.

The new office provides sales and engineering support to Radiant Networks’ flourishing client base in the region. Founded by Cooper in 2005 out of Louisville, KY, the wireless consulting firm has offices throughout the Midwest, and the Tampa/St. Petersburg location is its first in the Southeastern United States.

“Our growth in the Tampa Bay region, and the Southeast, prompted us to open this office to better serve our evolving base of major clients there,” Cooper said. “Our partner-to-partner business model allows for scalable growth in all vertical markets, including the healthcare, government, education, financial, and manufacturing sectors.”

The local presence in Tampa will be headed by Cooper and Andrew Shipton, the CISO. Cooper serves as the CEO and is engaged in all facets of advanced engineering projects and pre-sales engineering components. Cooper and Shipton are stationed in Tampa to directly work with the firm’s large partners in the region on a regular basis.

“These are exciting times for our company as new technology integrations emerge with major OEM’s to focus on secure mobility, IoT, and more,” Cooper said.

Radiant Networks will be a company to watch over the next few years as it continues to experience exponential business growth across the world, Cooper added.

One of the country’s leading wireless engineering and consulting companies, Radiant Networks specializes in complex and secure enterprise design and deployment. The firm provides expertise in design, pre-deployment site survey, implementation, and troubleshooting of wireless networks.

Complementing overall wireless services, the knowledge of Radiant Networks’ new team members is fueling additional growth in wireless security through the leading NAC (Network Access Control) solutions of Cisco Identity Services Engine and Aruba ClearPass. Radiant also has expertise in Routing & Switching, Firewalls, and Cloud integration as well.

Additionally, Radiant now provides managed services with proactive monitoring via their 24/7/365 Network Operations Center.  Security threats and newly identified vulnerabilities are also forcing technology to advance while protocols such as the newly adopted WPA3 will be significant game changers over the next few years, Shipton forecasts.

“There are growing demands on Wireless bandwidth and reliability, and the critical role that WiFi plays to organizations continues to evolve,” Cooper said. “Our diverse capabilities and experience have catapulted our year-to-year growth because businesses of all sizes need wireless mobility, wireless security and the necessary management of those systems and services.”

For more information about Radiant Networks, visit www.radiant-networks.com.

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