PureSocial provides social media forum for all without censorship

By Jeff Louderback

Everyone deserves a voice that can be heard without censorship, Doug Wade believes. Republicans. Democrats. Conservatives. Liberals. No matter what your viewpoint says, you should have the freedom to express it without restriction or retribution, he insists. These principles inspired Wade to launch PureSocial, a social media network that gives control of news content into the hands of the people.

“America was built upon a foundation of fundamental rights that include freedom of religion, due process of law, freedom of assembly and free speech. The latter is under attack by technology giants that are focused on censorship of conservative viewpoints,” Wade explained. “We exist for positive change in social media. We want to encourage ‘Social Media for Good.’ We live in a toxic environment and it’s time to find common ground with each other.”

PureSocial empowers citizen journalists to post content and videos that otherwise would be susceptible to censorship on other social media platforms. PureSocial provides a platform to give users “the power of the vote” with its Crowdscore™ technology.

With CrowdScore™, users determine the quality and accuracy of all news stories by scoring them with a customer rating system.  Then, based on these scores, a CrowdScore™ is tabulated and placed inside a bright green tab that follows the story everywhere on the PureSocial™ platform.

It is tabulated based on the scores of all the stories the source has published. This holds publishers accountable, encouraging them to fact-check and write with honesty and integrity, Wade believes.

“The credibility of the mainstream press is at an all-time low. Today we are being bombarded with mass amounts of information online, through television, movies, news and magazines,” Wade said. “You only have so much time in the day to get up to speed on what’s important to you, so why sift through post after post of nonsense and fake news, when you just want the truth?

“Our policy is that everyone has a voice, those on the left, those on the right and everyone in-between,” Wade added. “Everyone’s voice will be heard through the power of the vote with our Crowdscore™ rating system, creating accountability, fostering diversity of thought and keeping our communications open and free.”

A Dayton native who now lives in Sugarcreek Township, Wade graduated from Meadowdale High School, earned a college degree in visual communication and has worked for advertising agencies in design, illustration, marketing, and web design and development.

In 2020, he launched PureSocial, which had been in development for three years. PureSocial includes www.puresocialnetwork.com and www.puresocial.tv. The company also develops and designs online platforms for organizations.

“This model has tremendous potential for growth,” Wade said. “This gives organizations, advocacy groups, municipalities, schools and other entities the ability to have their own social media platform.”

PureSocial also includes PSdigital™, a full-service digital marketing agency. PSdigital offers graphic design, web site design, branding and multi-channel digital marketing services for small businesses.

For more information, visit www.puresocialnetwork.com and www.puresocial.tv.