Press Release Example – Maui Lash

Maui Lash the latest innovative beauty industry niche launched by Nikki Swisher

The founder of Maui Whitening debuts a lash extension salon that gives single mom entrepreneurs a cost-effective and in-demand business opportunity

Dayton – If eyes are indeed the windows to the soul, then eyelash extensions serve as the elegant curtains.  Nikki Swisher, the innovative entrepreneur who launched Maui Whitening with one Washington Township location in 2014 and has grown it to more than 200 spas nationwide, believes that her newest venture, Maui Lash, will be a hit with women and single mom entrepreneurs alike.

“I believe that little steps to make one’s self look better can have a significant effect on one’s overall well-being. Confidence has been shown to prove not only healthy, but a mood lifter for people in general,” Swisher explained. “Having lashes done on myself every two weeks, I feel more confident in my appearance and I don’t need makeup first thing in the morning. If there is one beauty service, in my opinion, that is an absolute must for women, it’s lashes.”

Swisher understands the appeal that beauty services have for women and even men. The former elementary school teacher founded Maui Whitening out of a personal experience she had in teeth whitening coupled with an entrepreneurial spirit. Maui Whitening stemmed from unsatisfactory personal experiences with teeth whitening and a sharp mind in marketing with those years of experience in helping startup companies.

That company flourished from the beginning, allowing single mom entrepreneurs to have their own business via Swisher’s dealership model, which offers more affordable start-up costs than a franchise. She is using the same strategy to build Maui Lash, including exclusive territories. They are required to purchase the company’s products monthly, but they do not have to pay royalties, which minimizes operation costs.

Maui Lash’s original location is at Cross Pointe Center in Centerville. New locations are slated with entrepreneurs – many of which are single mothers like Swisher – across the country. Lash extension salons are a rapidly emerging beauty service trend in the United States, and Swisher’s model gives business owners the opportunity to provide premium lash extensions at affordable prices. For example, a full set is just $149 during a customer’s first visit. Entrepreneurs can add a Maui Lash salon to a current business, or open up a stand-alone Maui Lash salon

“Clients without extensions can opt for a full set applied to the upper lashes, and eyelash veterans can maintain their look with Maui’s touch-up fill service that replaces extensions that shed naturally every two weeks,” Swisher said. “Special wedding and honeymoon lash extensions are also offered to beautify new brides and keep them looking fabulous.”

Lash extensions are synthetic strands that are made to replicate a natural eyelash. When applied, they lengthen and thicken a customer’s own natural eyelashes. Single strands are applied to each individual eyelash, one by one. With proper application, lash extensions look and feel completely natural. Maui Lash extensions are available in a number of lengths and thicknesses.

Because of the low start-up cost to purchase a dealership – and the marketing and brand awareness that Swisher and Maui Lash offers – she is confident that Maui Lash will quickly grow in territories nationally and even internationally.

“With the right support, tips and tools, you can build a flourishing business, regardless of the industry. It’s just a matter of finding a niche, identifying a middle market to build a business in and believing in yourself,” Swisher said. “Fortunately, lash extensions are in demand and will be long term because they are an affordable and an attractive way to improve your appearance and confidence.”

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