Niki Gulick carves niche as leading Realtor in Springboro and Warren County

Long before Henkle Schueler’s Niki Gulick carved a niche as the leading Realtor in sales volume across Springboro and Warren County – and one of the most successful agents statewide – she discovered tenacity that fueled success and confidence to step out of her comfort zone. Those traits were first displayed when she was in the third grade.

An elementary school student in her native Fairfield (a Cincinnati suburb) at the time, Niki watched as her sister signed up for cheerleading. Perhaps thinking young Niki would make the same decision, her parents asked her what activity or sport she wanted to try.

“I chose football,” Niki said with a grin. “I’m grateful that my parents were open-minded, and they supported that decision.

“Playing football instilled courage, inner-strength and determination at an early age,” Niki added. “Whenever anyone said, ‘Oh, that’s good for a girl’ or ‘Oh, that’s amazing for your age,’ I thought to myself how I just wanted to excel – boy or girl, young or old. That instilled my fire for being the best regardless of the conditions, and it gave me my ‘no excuses’ attitude.”

Niki proved she belonged, and as the years passed, she became one of the best players in the league. A defensive end and wide receiver, she led her team in sacks as an eighth grader. At 16, she was the National Punt, Pass and Kick winner for her age group in a program that produced many NFL standouts.

Her athletic prowess extended into soccer, where she was heavily recruited as a goalkeeper and spent one season at Vanderbilt University before transferring to the University of Dayton, where she spent the remainder of her college career and earned a bachelor’s degree in broadcasting.

This is when Niki’s path eventually led to real estate. Broadcasting was not her passion, so she searched for a profession with growth potential that would reward the tenacity that she cultivated during her athletic career. She was hired as a mortgage sales representative at Wells Fargo in 2008, admittedly not the most ideal time to enter that field because of the recession and mortgage industry crash.

Yet she developed a reputation for sales success, relationship building and leadership, so when the Wells Fargo branch closed, she was hired as a branch manager for Chase Mortgage. Niki and her husband, Joe, bought and sold a few homes for investment purposes, and their plans called for a long-term interest in home buying, rehabbing and selling.

“Considering that, I thought, ‘I might as well get a real estate license so we could represent ourselves,’” Niki said. “We bought more properties, lived in them, improved them and then sold them.

“All of the homes were in the Springboro area, so I became friends with many residents in several neighborhoods, and some of those and neighbors asked me to represent them as their Realtor,” Niki added. “I was working a full-time management job (at Peoples Bank in Springboro) and pregnant with Gia (who is now 5), and working a multitude of hours as a Realtor. We made a choice that I would go full time as a Realtor, and the goal for the first year was to sell one home a week.”

With a newborn daughter in 2015 – her first as a full-time Realtor – Niki sold 52 homes, an average of one per week. The number exceeded an average of two a week a year later, reaching 123. In 2017, the volume catapulted to 18.  in 2017. She eclipsed 200 in 2018. Along with her standing as the top Realtor in sales volume in Springboro and Warren County, she was also second statewide in sales, and No. 3 in transactions.

Niki attributes her flourishing business to genuine love for the real estate field, a sincere commitment to building relationships and trust, and a deep love for the Springboro community. Niki lives with Joe and Gia on a 50-acre farm, where once a year Niki hosts a customer appreciation party that attracts hundreds and features cash giveaways, charitable contributions, food, music and networking. Last year, she rented Cycle Bar (the indoor cycling studio at Austin Landing) for a group workout that raised money for charity.

Niki has sold homes in 38 zip codes this year, yet 60 percent of her home sales are in the Springboro area. She is one of the community’s most visible advocates with her networking, social media marketing and involvement with organizations like the Rotary Club and the Springboro Chamber of Commerce.

“Real estate is fun for me, and my involvement in Springboro is a reflection of my love for the area,” Niki said. “I love the proximity to Dayton and Cincinnati, the business climate and the restaurants, and the neighborhoods, parks and schools. Springboro is a pleasant place to live, and I am genuinely invested in the people and the community.”

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