New home sales entrepreneur Jodi Clifton launches Builder Insiders

By Jeff Louderback

Owning a home is still the American dream, and building a custom home represents the ultimate objective for many people. Yet the new home construction process can be challenging and intimidating. Where do I begin? Who can I trust? Those are common questions. Builder Insiders was founded in 2020 by award-winning new home sales professional and entrepreneur Jodi Clifton with the specific purpose to connect customers and Realtors to respected and reputable builders.

“Just as Angie’s List serves as the link between customers and trustworthy service providers, Builder Insiders helps customers, and Realtors representing customers, find the ideal new home builder for their budget and vision,” Jodi said. “If you have dreamed of having a new home built, and you don’t know where to start, we are your resource from the beginning of the process to the point where you select and start working with the builder.”

A lifelong Ohioan who was born and raised in Xenia and is a longtime south Dayton resident, Jodi emerged as one of the top saleswomen for Mary Kay Cosmetics before venturing into new home sales, where she became the top overall salesperson for Inverness Homes. After working for a custom home builder, the idea for Builder Insiders was hatched in a dream.

“In the midst of writing an inspirational, self-help book, I fell asleep one night and woke up after having a vivid dream about the concept of what is now Builder Insiders, and a new business was born,” Jodi said with a grin. “They say an entrepreneurial mind never stops generating ideas, and all successful businesses accommodate a need. Builder Insiders fills a void with a service that is mutually beneficial for customers, Realtors, and builders.”

When you build a custom home, the possibilities are endless. You get the opportunity to take a vision and transform it into a tangible creation but finding a company that is best suited for your vision can be difficult. Custom home builders are everywhere, yet not all home builders are equal. Some are reliable while others are not, and making the wrong decision can cost you tens of thousands of dollars and unwelcomed stress.

Builder Insiders is designed to provide peace of mind in choosing a home builder.

“We start with a user-friendly process where you visit our website and fill out a questionnaire that gathers details to determine your budget, desired square footage, amenities, and other options. Then we find the top three builders that fit your profile,” Jodi explained. “We respond promptly to your questions and closely work with you all the way from the beginning to the point when you start with the builder.”

Realtors find Builder Insiders invaluable because many do not have experience with the homebuilding process. Since there is a limited inventory of existing homes, new home construction is growing, and that presents an opportunity for real estate professionals to expand their business. Builder Insiders serves as liaison for Realtors.

“I am not a Realtor. I’m your assistant,” Jodi said. “Say you have a customer who wants a piece of land to on which to build. I understand land costs, and all of the requirements and possibilities to consider,” Jodi said. “I serve as your guide so you look more experienced in that area with your customer. We have educational events at real estate offices to explain the process.”

Builder Insiders is free for customers and Realtors. Builders pay the company $199 for a lead, and an additional $499 if it results in a contract.

“It’s a win-win situation because the customer receives guidance, Realtors have the benefit of an assistant working on their behalf, and builders receives qualified business with no marketing expenses,” Jodi said. “I only work with builders that I would have build my own home, so customers can feel confident they are entrusting their most important investment to the right company.”

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