Indoor, outdoor cycling alike fuels LOGIK co-founder Jamie Raddin

An elite cyclist who has competed at the highest levels of the Pro/Am racing circuit since his teenage years, James Raddin never thought twice about indoor cycling (or spinning) until he relented to a friend’s invitation in 2006. That might surprise fellow cyclists and wellness enthusiasts at LOGIK Fitness, the Centerville facility that he co-founded with his wife, Shannon Raddin.

“It challenged me more than I anticipated,” James recalled about that first indoor cycling class. “I recognized the training value it has for outdoor cycling, and the tremendous cardiovascular benefits it offers for anyone at any stage of their fitness goals.”

Inspired by this discovery of another valuable training tool for his competitive outdoor cycling, James started spinning three times a week and was eventually asked to become an instructor. Incorporating elements from outdoor cycling, he developed a following.

Outdoor cycling is at the core of LOGIK Fitness, yet it is also the innovative heart rate zone technology that was co-created by James which is another element that makes LOGIK one of a kind. The idea was hatched from what he discovered as an indoor cycling instructor at facilities in southwest Ohio.

“Determining and maintaining your ideal heart rate zone is an integral part of achieving fitness goals, yet there are many facilities where the emphasis in spinning classes is placed on overall exertion rather than staying in targeted heart rate zones,” James said.

“There are other studios that display and monitor your heart rate and zone, but it is done using a mathematical prediction and averages of what studies have shown your zones might be,” he added. “With our technology, we determine what your zones accurately are and then continue to track your progress, and proactively review and adjust your zones as you reach new gains in your fitness.”

Over the course of a competitive cycling career that has spanned 32 years, James estimates he has competed in more than 450 races with 80-plus wins. He has competed at the highest level of the Pro-Am circuit, raced art the 1992 Olympic trials and completed numerous duathlons and triathlons. Ask him what he feels is his most significant achievement, and he will talk about the heart rate zone technology because of its benefits for everyone from competitive athletes to people who are beginning or re-launching their fitness regimens and striving to reach wellness goals.

After college, James worked in bicycle design and engineering. In 1997, he debuted a business that was the first company to sell bicycles on the Internet before it was purchased by Huffy. Over the years, James has created and owned multiple companies in the bicycle design and manufacturing field, yet the creative entrepreneur imagined a venture where he could share his passion for cycling and fitness, and help others achieve their wellness objectives and accomplish feats they never knew were possible. That plan was put into motion after he met Shannon.

When James and Shannon married, they served as spin instructors at multiple fitness facilities, yet they envisioned a cycling studio that incorporated the heart rate zone technology that James co-created with a captivating environment where clients can experience comfortable air circulation, exceptional sound and video systems, and the ambient LED lighting. The investment introduced what any longtime indoor and outdoor cycling enthusiasts call “the highest quality spin studio experience” they have discovered.

Encouraging what James Raddin calls “sustainable fitness,” LOGIK features Cycle, Fit and Yoga studios that host a wide variety of workouts designed to keep members balanced and motivated. The indoor cycling studio is equipped with 40 premium Schwinn AC Performance indoor bikes, a 10,000-watt audiophile sound system, two 200-inch projection screens, 10 fans and an ambient LED lighting system.

Before LOGIK opened, James teamed with an international technology company to create the Logik™ Cardio Training System. This group fitness monitoring software was designed and developed to quantify workouts and provide real-time feedback of a person’s achievements throughout each class. Simply put, every client’s heart rate is monitored in real time and projected onto the large video screens at the front of the studio, and each class is taught using specific heart rate training profiles to maximize the goals of each participant.

Everyone’s heart rate is different. It is important to understand that high maximum or even low maximum heart rates are not in any way indicative of fitness or potential, James explains.

“Your true maximum heart rate is a function of your genetics, your physiology, and your age. Your heart rate cannot be compared to anyone else’s, it is completely unique,” he said. “Our goal is to help quantify your investment in time and resources in training with us. We do this by tracking the positive changes and trends in your heart rate and respective training zones.

“As you train with us, you will realize significant gains in your knowledge of exercise science and effective training,” James added. “You will quickly increase your ability to maintain higher heart rates for longer periods of time. This equates to the ability to burn more calories, maintain leaner body mass, and achieve significant gains in strength, power, and endurance. Whether you are a dedicated athlete or a stay-at-home mom; the benefits to your health and well-being are significant.”