Know Your Numbers Starter Pack helps women better prepare for the short term and long-term financial impact of divorce

Dayton, OH – Divorce takes a dramatic emotional toll. That impact is heightened for many women because of the financial struggles they endure during and after the divorce process. Certified Divorce Coach® and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® Debra Doak created the Know Your Numbers Starter Pack to help women step into their new life chapter with more confidence through better financial security.

According to a recent article about divorce inequality by Ellevest, an online investment site for women:

– Women’s household income falls 41 percent after a divorce

– Women’s credit scores are more negatively impacted by divorce

– 59 percent of women said they were “met with surprises” during their divorce

– 48 percent of women said those surprises happened after the divorce was finalized

– Primary caregiving moms have more expenses and less earning power

– 56 percent of women “deferred” to their spouse on investment decisions and financial planning during their marriage

In most cases, the income that supported one household will not offer the same lifestyle for two households. Expenses like two house payments, two utility bills, two cell phone plans, and multiple insurance policies among other costs place added pressure on both parties. For women, especially stay-at-home moms who have no incoming earnings, the hit can especially be shocking. This is why it is important to conduct due diligence and be prepared.

“By gathering and analyzing your own financial data you’ll save money, gain confidence and be the boss of your own financial life,” Debra said. “You feel more self-reliant, you’ll be a more prepared and informed client when you work with your attorney.”

The Know Your Numbers Starter Pack is $29.95 and includes tools, a choice of printable or downloadable Excel worksheets, and an abundance of instruction and encouragement to help women before, during, and after their divorce.

“These are the tools, tips, and worksheets I use with clients every day to help them take charge of their financial lives,” Debra said. “Whether you’re preparing for divorce, right in the thick of settlement negotiations, or just want to get a handle on your finances, the Know Your Numbers Starter Pack allows you to be informed, organized and prepared.”

The Know Your Numbers Starter Pack includes:

– A Personal Data Form, where you can place information about you, your spouse, and your children in one place

– A Financial Document Checklist, which serves as a guide to the paperwork needed for every step of the divorce process

– An Income & Expense Tracker, where you can analyze what your income and expenses were as a married couple to create a foundation to estimate future needs

– A Budget Worksheet, which allows you to develop a plan for the future

– An Asset/Debt Division Worksheet, where you can analyze how different settlement options affect you and your partner today and in the future

– A Household Goods Inventory, which allows you to itemize furniture, kitchen gadgets, electronics, and other items you need to divide

“An exit strategy is essential when you are going through a divorce, and a key part of that is being prepared,” Debra said. “I developed the Know Your Numbers Starter Pack to make it easier and more convenient for women to gather all the information they need to get a better outcome for the short term and long term.”

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Debra Doak is an author, speaker, CDC Certified Divorce Coach® and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® who is committed to giving women the confidence to speak up for what they deserve. Find her online at