Innovative background propels Eugene Pridgett and his firm, TheGeneGroup

Buying or selling a home is one of the most significant transactions people make, and the Internet is the prime destination for buyers and sellers to find detailed information. Considering these factors, finding a Realtor who embraces tireless service, transparent communication and advanced marketing techniques is valuable – especially in a competitive market. Eugene Pridgett recognized the importance of these elements when he launched TheGeneGroup in 2010.

Guided by a background that includes four years in the United States Air Force and a master’s degree in Information Systems, Pridgett has cultivated a thriving real estate firm that incorporates an innovative technological approach to providing clients with insight that helps sellers effectively showcase their properties and buyers more accurately pinpoint homes that meet their vision.

“Most homes suffer from three fundamental problems, which are price, presentation and proper exposure,” said Pridgett. “Before launching my real estate career, I worked in software development, so when TheGeneGroup was founded, I wanted to use my background to create an analytical system that thoroughly studies prices and trends in the markets we serve.

“We take an analytical approach to price because the numbers to reflect the respective market. The reasons are to attract the attention of a buyer, and more importantly to have accurate figures when the buyer gets financing,” Pridgett explained. “An appraiser comes in and provides an estimate of value for the buyer’s loan. If the numbers are not in line, then the deal falls through. This is why setting, and knowing why the price is set, is crucial. Our system that analyzes the cities and neighborhoods we represent makes us different as a brokerage.”

That TheGeneGroup is unique in a crowded industry is a reflection of the founder. Pridgett attended Wright State University out of high school, and to pay for his education, he decided to enlist in the Air Force, where he served for four years. His path took him to Mt. Olive Christian College in North Carolina, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in business. He worked as a stock broker, earned his master’s degree in Information Systems and eventually earned his real estate license in 2007.

Pridgett was a top producing agent for nationally known firms before his entrepreneurial spirit moved him to launch TheGeneGroup during a “down market” in 2010.

“Lots of people questioned the decision to open a brokerage when homes were not selling and the industry was struggling, yet real estate is sustainable and will always be in demand for the long term because, after all, we all must have a place to live and sleep,” Pridgett said. “I was confident that my background in business and technology, and the camaraderie that I experienced in the Air Force, would allow this firm to carve a niche in the region.”

Devoted to fostering a family environment that reflects the firm’s entrepreneurial team approach and its’ niche as a successful independent firm, Pridgett moved TheGeneGroup’s headquarters to the historic district of downtown Centerville at 65A W. Franklin St. in 2016. Featuring a staff of 14 licensed agents, TheGeneGroup fosters a “true family environment” where team members are supplied with Pridgett’s innovative technological analysis of the market, and support that offers clients seamless assistance from the first consultation to the closing table.

TheGeneGroup also includes professional staging and photography for each client. Staging prepares the house for unknown buyers and involves neutralizing colors, opening up space and highlighting the square footage and amenities. The first step of preparing a home for sale typically focuses on minimizing or eliminating clutter. A comprehensive staging plan allows the seller to create a space that is current and appealing.

“The presentation portion of marketing a home is vital because it should be appealing with its style and space, and help buyers envision how they would use the space,” Pridgett said. “A Realtor who provides home staging services, and images shot by a professional photographer, presents your property in the best way possible from the beginning, and that sets your home apart from other properties in the neighborhood.”

Moving a home from sale from contract to closing requires at least 180 individual tasks, and demands attention to detail to accomplish the three Ps (price, presentation and proper exposure), Pridgett says. This is why TheGeneGroup assigns a team of seven individuals that works in collaboration for each client. This group includes the agent as well as professionals like the director of quality and marketing (whose primary job is to craft the marketing, promotional and pricing decisions for the property, the visual specialist (who coordinates high-resolution videos, photos and virtual tours), a marketing coordinator (who showcases the property to buyers across the region and the country), an inside sales agent (who supports the listing agent by making an abundance of phone calls), the buyer team (which prospects buyers for the listing) and the contract coordinator (who assists the primary agent once an offer is secured).

To provide up-to-date details about the process, clients of TheGeneGroup are given access to Brivity, an online communication tool that details all marketing activities.

“The analytical technology allows our agents to make sure we market a home at the most accurate price; and the staging and photography ensures that the property is presented in a way that reflects the captivating features of the home,” Pridgett said. “Selling a home is a complex process that can understandably be confusing and unnerving, which is why the dedicated team we have assigned to each client, and tools like Brivity, give our clients peace of mind from start to finish.”