Insurance is far from mundane for Fernando Branquinho

Insurance might seem like a mundane subject for some people, but to Fernando Branquinho, it represents a passion that extends far beyond marketing products. Branquinho recently joined the Meridian Insurance team and has 14 years of experience in the profession.

“This is a meaningful career because we provide peace of mind for people through the different stage of their lives. It is comforting for clients to know that they have support if there is an accident, a fire and any life-impacting incident,” Branquinho said. “The compensation from this industry allows me to comfortably take care of my family, and at the same time it is rewarding because I have a positive impact on my customers’ lives.”

Born in Portugal, Branquinho moved with his family to Boston when he was a child. When he was 10, his family relocated to Dayton. Branquinho graduated from Fairmont High School in 1997 and earned a bachelor’s degree in business management from Wright State University in 2001. He gained his real estate license and worked for two years as a Realtor before deciding to make the natural transition to becoming an insurance agent.

“The hours in the insurance industry are better than real estate, and that inspired me to change careers at the time,” Branquinho said. “I was married with two children, and I wanted to have a financially and personally rewarding career that still allowed me to be there for my family.”

Insurance is something people cannot do without, and just as it is in real estate, trust is important in the insurance industry. Customers like to work with agents who have a genuine interest in their respective needs, and with whom they can cultivate a deep level of trust. Branquinho is popular with customers because of his affable personality and his sincere devotion to helping customers long after they first become customers.

“When I begin working with a new customer, I take the time to learn the coverage they have and their current life situation (for example, are they single or married, do they have children, are they nearing retirement, are they planning on buying a house or adding a car),” Branquinho said. “Many people have minimum coverage and/or do not know the particulars of their coverage. It’s important that an agent devotes time to clearly explain the options based on the needs.”

Branquinho is excited about his role at Meridian Insurance since the company is independent and offers 10 carriers – including Progressive, Grange, Safeco and Allstate among others. Most insurance agencies are limited to one or a few brands, but Meridian gives their customers significantly more options, which helps people get what they need for the short term and long term.

“Instead of being confined to one brand, we represent a wide variety of insurance companies, so we can compare coverage and prices to determine the best fit for each customer’s circumstances,” Branquinho said. “We are part of the community, and we are local, so we get to know our customers, and they can contact us directly when something happens and they need our help. That is why I enjoy being an insurance agent, providing that ongoing comfort and peace of mind.”

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