By The Blade Salon Brings Out Clients’ Personalities Through Hairstyles

Some elements of daily life are beyond our control, especially over the last year, yet there is one feature we can decide upon that can boost our positivity. Our hair has a significant impact on how we feel about ourselves and serves as a reflection of our personality. Brandon Barrett, founder and owner of By the Blade Salon in Centerville, is passionate about capturing every client’s personality through their hairstyle.

“Our hairstyle projects how we present ourselves to the world,” Brandon said. “Having complete control over your hair and the styling of it can be very empowering. Getting a new hairstyle, or just the simple act of getting a haircut, can give you a boost of confidence.”

Brandon earned his license in 2011 and started By the Blade, which is located at 29 Iron Gate Park Drive in downtown Centerville. In 2020, clients gained a heightened level of appreciation for the services and skills of hairstylists. The psychological aspects of a professionally-done hairstyle is equal to the outward appearance, Brandon believes.

“When your appearance matches your personality, that helps bolster confidence,” Brandon said. “One of the most satisfying parts of being a hair stylist is helping empower people with the way they look.

Getting a new haircut can be uplifting, and it can put you in a great mood. There are multiple reasons why.

“A new haircut instantly makes you feel better about yourself only because it makes you look better. When you get a new haircut, you like what you see in the mirror, and you receive compliments, too,” Brandon said. Also, you get pampered when you get a haircut. It helps you unwind and to release positive hormones. The more that you invest in yourself, the better you will feel.”

While 2021 is still new, the winter months are an ideal time to move forward with a new look. This year’s most popular haircuts will revisit the past, Brandon says. The 70s are back in that regard.

“Heavily-layered shags and curtain bangs are becoming a trend again,” Brandon explained. “’70s-style bangs are a small tweak that can make any existing haircut feel fresh for the new year.

“Expect to see more curly-haired women embrace the ’70s trend with bangs and shorter face framing pieces that enhance the shape of their natural curls,” Brandon added.

Low-maintenance cuts are attractive to many clients, too.

“Many people are still working from home, so haircuts that look good air-dried remain popular along with hair color that is more natural,” Brandon said.

As February arrives, and spring is drawing nearer, Brandon recommends a gradual transition into spring and summer colors.

“So many people want to go from dark to light immediately, but that is not always the best way,” he said. “February is an ideal time to start considering your  spring and summer hair color and work with your stylist for a gentle transition process.”

Regardless of whether you want to keep your current length and color, and try something new, visiting the hair stylist can help you escape the winter rut.

“A cut or style does not eliminate life’s challenges, but is can definitely fuel you with the energy to approach life from a new perspective, or better appreciate life’s simple pleasures,” Brandon said. “It almost like starting a new chapter in your life when you change up the way your hair looks, and that new chapter can inspire a positive outlook on the other chapters ahead.”

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