Builder Insiders highlights the benefits of new home construction

By Jeff Louderback

It is time, you have decided, to find another home. Perhaps your family is growing, or maybe you are downsizing. A promotion that has increased your bottom line might have you looking to celebrate by finding the house of your dreams. Whatever the reason, you have a choice to make – will you buy an existing home, or reside in a newly constructed sanctuary.

A Zillow survey indicates that 41 percent of buyers prefer a newly constructed home. There is no one size fits all option when you buy an existing home. Here are some pros of new home construction:

  • You get to make all of the choices when you build a new home – from choosing the lot and the style of the house to the floor plan, colors, flooring and everything else.
  • New home construction features the latest trends and styles like open floor plans, island kitchens, master suites and home office space.
  • Many new homes have technology perks. You can control your lights in every room and set your heat and air conditioning remotely from your smartphone or tables. Smart home features are an appealing aspect of new home construction.
  • Air quality is also a benefit. New homes do not have lingering odors or mold issues.
  • New homes tend to be more energy-efficient. You can select the materials and the efficiency level above current building codes, which saves money on utilities.
  • New homes have warranties.
  • New homes are just that – brand So you won’t have to spend money on repairs and new appliances and flooring.

If your mind is set on new home construction, Builder Insiders can provide peace of mind in choosing a home builder. Founded in 2020 by award-winning new home sales professional and entrepreneur Jodi Clifton, Builder Insiders connects customers and Realtors to respected and reputable builders.

Builder Insiders is free for customers and Realtors. Builders pay the company $199 for a lead, and an additional $499 if it results in a contract.

“If you have dreamed of having a new home built, and you don’t know where to start, we are your resource from the beginning of the process to the point where you select and start working with the builder,” Jodi said. “It’s a win-win situation because the customer receives guidance, Realtors have the benefit of an assistant working on their behalf, and builders receive qualified business with no marketing expenses.”

Custom home builders are everywhere, yet not all home builders are equal. Some are reliable while others are not, and making the wrong decision can cost you tens of thousands of dollars and unwelcomed stress.

Builder Insiders is designed to provide peace of mind in choosing a home builder.

“We start with a user-friendly process where you visit our website and fill out a questionnaire that gathers details to determine your budget, desired square footage, amenities, and other options. Then we find the top three builders that fit your profile,” Jodi explained. “We respond promptly to your questions and closely work with you all the way from the beginning to the point when you start with the builder.”

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