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By Jeff Louderback

Minutes away from finishing an hour-long core class at LOGIK Fitness, James Raddin offers encouragement to the 25 participants who are giving all they have amid a final set of planks.

“You’re motivating me as much as I’m motivating you,” Raddin implores with a grin. “If I was doing this alone, I would be more likely to stop, but being here with all of you keeps me going!

After the last plank, Raddin guides the group through a few minutes of stretches before every person is rewarded with a scented and refrigerated towel to wipe off the sweat, cool down and commemorate getting one step closer to their respective wellness goals. The makeup of the class illustrates what defines LOGIK and reflects what James and Shannon Raddin envisioned when they opened the fitness facility in 2014. From individuals striving to achieve shed weight and gain strength and flexibility to competitive cyclists, triathletes and long-distance runners. people at different levels of their respective wellness journey are striving to reach milestones one class at a time, fueled by the support of a fitness community.

Housed at a 12,000-square-foot facility at 1547 Lyons Rd. in Centerville, LOGIK incorporates a cutting-edge heart rate zone training program that provides clients with quantifiable results through engaging group classes. Encouraging what James Raddin calls “sustainable fitness,” LOGIK features Cycle, Fit and Yoga studios that host a wide variety of workouts designed to keep members balanced and motivated. Endurance and high-intensity interval training sessions in the Cycling studio; core classes, boot camps, boxing and TRX in the Fit studio; and options ranging from hot yoga and advanced power yoga to basic fundamentals for beginners in the Yoga studio, are among the offerings.

“Our three studios, and the depth of the classes we offer, are designed to create sustainable fitness habits that become a lifestyle,” James Raddin said. “It does little good if you work out hard for a short time and get injured because you do not have the right guidance, or you work out alone and have no encouragement or support.

“When you take the initial steps and start a fitness regimen, keep with it for a week and then two weeks, and you are surrounded by people who are guiding you and motivating you, it becomes something you do not want to be without,” Raddin added. “When those habits lead to seeing results with the way you feel, you are more inspired to keep working towards goals.”

LOGIK is one of a kind in the Dayton area because of its innovative heart rate zone training, Cycle LOGIK (the professional cycling shop that has custom racing bikes and apparel), its competitive outdoor cycling program and the facility’s signature destination. The indoor cycling studio is equipped with 40 premium Schwinn AC Performance indoor bikes, a 10,000-watt audiophile sound system, two 200-inch projection screens, 10 fans and an ambient LED lighting system. Every client’s heart rate is monitored in real time and projected onto the large video screens at the front of the studio, and each class is taught using specific heart rate training profiles to maximize the goals of each participant.

“There are other studios that display and monitor your heart rate and zone, but it is done using a mathematical prediction and averages of what studies have shown your zones might be,” James said. “With our technology, we determine what your zones accurately are and then continue to track your progress, and proactively review and adjust your zones as you reach new gains in your fitness.”

The roots of LOGIK Fitness stem from cycling, and when you learn about the stories of James and Shannon Raddin, you understand why.

James Raddin became enamored with competitive cycling as a teenager. He estimates he has competed in more than 450 races with 80-plus wins in a career that has spanned 32 years. James competed at the highest level of the Pro-Am circuit, qualified for and raced at the 1992 Olympic trials, and has also competed in numerous duathlons and triathlons. After college, James worked in bicycle design and engineering, and eventually launched a business in 1997 which was the first company to sell bicycles on the Internet before it was purchased by Huffy. Though he was intrigued by the design side of bicycles – overall he has created and owned multiple companies in the bicycle design and manufacturing field – the creative entrepreneur imagined a venture where he could share his passion for cycling and fitness, and help others achieve their wellness objectives and accomplish feats they never knew were possible. That plan was put into motion after he met Shannon.

A competitive swimmer since the age of 6, Shannon won multiple honors in high school and earned an athletic scholarship to Florida Atlantic University, where she swam for two years. Her love for swimming, running and spinning continued long after college, but it was a life-threatening tragedy that altered her path and her feelings about cycling. On August 13, 2011, Shannon and her then 10-year-old daughter, Jade Walcott, were injured when the overhead stage rigging collapsed on a crowd gathered for a Sugarland concert at the Indiana State Fair. Seven people died in the incident, and more than 60 were injured.

Trapped beneath a mountain of twisted metal before she was pulled out, Shannon sustained a crushed pelvis, eight broken bones, and third-degree burns. Jade suffered a traumatic brain injury, prompting doctors to keep in her a medically induced coma for nearly three weeks. Jade started her recovery, and Shannon was hospitalized for weeks and spent several months confined to a wheelchair and crutches. Her injuries left her unable to participate in activities she loved, including swimming. It was James who encouraged her to ride on a tandem bicycle with him to help facilitate her rehabilitation. The couple had met and started dating, and cycling brought the new couple closer, and gave Shannon a mental and physical boost in her recovery.

“There were days after the accident that I felt hopeless and did not want to get out of bed because of the pain and feeling that I could not be active like I had been all of my life,” Shannon said. “Since cycling is not a weight bearing sport, it is something I could do even while recovering from my injuries.

“Spinning became the most instrumental part of my rehabilitation,” Shannon added. “I gradually regained strength, and even more importantly, I became more determined that no obstacle would prevent me from living a healthy and happy life.”

When James and Shannon married, they served as spin instructors at multiple fitness facilities, yet they envisioned a cycling studio that incorporated the heart rate zone technology that James co-created with a captivating environment where clients can experience comfortable air circulation, exceptional sound and video systems, and the ambient LED lighting. The investment introduced what any longtime indoor and outdoor cycling enthusiasts call “the highest quality spin studio experience” they have discovered.

When guests walk through the doors at LOGIK, they can see the cycling shop (a separate area to the right), and the inventory of high-performance bicycles and cycling apparel and gear. At the front desk, there are computerized kiosks where they sign in, and then they are provided with a heart rate strap that is placed on their arm. The yoga studio is located on the right behind the cycling shop, and LOGIK’s center showcases the Fit studio, which has the region’s largest TRX area, the boxing section and the space where core classes and boot camps are held.

On a hallway wall leading to the meticulously maintained locker rooms and showers, and the personal training room, clients write their goals and place them on cards that are displayed. Some of the goals are related to weight loss, muscle gains and flexibility while others emphasize objectives centered around indoor and outdoor cycling. The sanctuary for accomplishing that is the spacious cycling studio in the far left back corner of the facility.

Inside the entrance of the cycling studio is “mission control” with computers that monitor biometrics, and control music and video projection. The instructor sets up newcomers on their bike and helps adjust the heart rate strap. Each client’s heart rates, zones, and other metrics are projected onto 200-inch projection screens at the front of the studio. During class, the monitor accurately calculates calories burned and, of course heart rate and workout effort.

There are benefits to each of the five zones. For example, you learn to metabolize fats in Zone 2, which requires a heart rate between 60 to 70 percent.

“The projection screens allow you to monitor your individual profile and the overall class profile,” Shannon said. “Everyone’s heart rate is unique. As you work harder, box changes color to a higher zone. When resistance and effort changes, the color drops to a lower zone. You want the box to match profile we have created.

“You can see the different heart rate zones in the profile, so you know when to prepare for changes in a zone,” Shannon added. “You accumulate points when you remain in the proper heart rate zones. It provides an incentive for people to challenge themselves, whether you are a beginner, an elite athlete or anywhere in between.”

LOGIK’s indoor cycling studio, outdoor cycling program and the cycling shop represent the destination’s trademarks, yet James and Shannon added the Fit and Yoga studios to provide clients with a variety of options that will keep them motivated, promote sustainable fitness and provide work on all muscle groups. Cyclists who are active in core classes, boot camps and yoga, for example, enhance the lean muscle and flexibility needed for effective performances on the road. People who are not cyclists but want to achieve respective weight loss, strength building and flexibility among other fitness goals benefit from the balance of workouts in each studio.

LOGIK offers more than 100 classes a week and is open all seven days. Newcomers can experience the facility with a free one-week trial. Classes can be purchased individually or through monthly unlimited memberships. Schedules, class reservations, and memberships are all available through the website at www.logikfitness.com.

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