Avatel Technologies profile for Tampa Bay Business Journal Best Places to Work edition

Note: This story was published in the Tampa Bay Business Journal as part of its Best Places to Work edition

By Jeff Louderback

Brandon is paradise, at least to the employees of Avatel Technologies.

An Avaya partner that sells and services corporate telephone systems, Avatel strives to keep its team members engaged, executive vice president Jamie Wood says. The firm accomplishes this by cultivating a “fun environment,” Wood believes.

“The relationship between employees and management, employees and each other, and an individual’s relationship to his or her work, combine to create an atmosphere where people feel engaged and happy,” Wood said. “Everybody wants to be proud of where they work and to feel that they are wisely investing the most precious thing they have, which is time.

“If you want to be a great place to work, you must recognize the value and contribution of every employee, regardless of role,” Wood added. “It must be a workplace where your employees connect to the organization’s strategic objectives and are recognized and rewarded for their contribution towards company goals.”

Based in Basking Ridge, NJ, Avaya is a global organization that provides communication solutions and related services directly and through channel partners like Avatel. In February, Avaya honored Avatel with the “Partner in Customer Excellence” designation, which recognizes Avaya channel partners that achieve significantly higher scores in their customer satisfaction surveys.

“Attaining consistently high levels of customer satisfaction is one of the best ways for Avatel to compete effectively, grow our customer base and increase profit,” Wood said. “Obviously, customer satisfaction is essential to the survival of our businesses and is a key performance indicator within our business. It reinforces my belief that our employees are devoted to demonstrating our objectives through their work ethic.”

Avatel spearheads a variety of initiatives to enhance company morale and camaraderie. It has a quarterly peer recognition program where award winners receive certificates and trophies. There are recognition weeks where employees attend work in costumes or host holiday-themed events to promote customer service. Avatel’s 2012 Giving Back Program provided Avaya phone systems to Tampa Bay nonprofit organizations.

In 2013, Avatel has a theme that is centered on creating a “workplace paradise” where productivity and fun co-exist.

“In my mind, paradise is where there is prosperity and happiness. In the workplace, paradise is where employees trust their leaders, take pride in their performance and what the company stands for, and like the people they work with,” Wood said “Company leaders are responsible for establishing and maintaining an inviting work culture that encourages communication, ideas, growth and work-life balance.

“Taking a proactive role in crafting a workplace paradise can lead to an office that fulfills, motivates and inspires employees every day,” she added. “When you decide to make your company a great place to work, understand that you’re committing to an ongoing journey. We have thrived for more than 10 years, but we are still committed to making improvements to our culture.”


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