Agile Thought profile for Tampa Bay Business Journal Best Places to Work edition

Note: This story was published in the Tampa Bay Business Journal as part of its Best Places to Work edition

By Jeff Louderback

Visitors who walk through the Tampa headquarters of AgileThought Inc. might see employees engrossed in foosball, immersed in Wii or captivated by Xbox, but these team members are not slackers. In fact, they have the blessing of CEO David Romine, who believes that the recreation breeds increased productivity.

“The games do provide a form of relaxation, but they also cultivate camaraderie, which in turn helps the company thrive,” Romine explained. “I think you reach a heightened level of understanding and familiarity with one another when you talk over a game of foosball instead of just communicating when you are working on a project. We want a team atmosphere – a family environment – and the games promote that.”

The workplace at AgileThought, which is a national provider of mobile and custom software solutions and has a staff of 120, is fun, but don’t mistake it for a fraternity house, Romine insists. The company has received honors like the “Technology Company of the Year” from the Tampa Bay Technology Forum, inclusion on the Inc. 500/5,000 List as one of the fastest growing privately-held firms in the country and Best Place to Work recognition from the Tampa Bay Business Journal because employees are not limited by organizational restraints, Romine believes.

“We show trust in our employees, and I think that inspires dedication,” Romine said. “When employees feel trusted, they will have more devotion because they feel empowered.

“Though the games are popular, our employee satisfaction level is less about poerks and more about the open career paths we offer, and the leadership support we provide,” he added. “We have just enough structure, but we don’t implement constraints. That is what fuels our success.”

AgileThought employees are encouraged to get exposure to different areas of the business and are not bound by a set role without opportunity for advancement and growth, according to Romine.

“If a position does not exist, we are reactive to new ideas,” he said. “We don’t want anyone here to feel trapped. Instead, we want everyone to envision a career here where they can have a significant impact on the short term and the long term of the company.”

AgileThought does not have an organizational chart, Romine says, because they are adamant about shunning constraints.

“Employees know who to approach for guidance, but we believe that an organizational chart would minimize creativity and hinder thoughts and ideas,” Romine explained. “We have leaders who provide input and supervision, but we allow our team members to leverage their background and knowledge.

AgileThought plans to hire approximately 20 employees in 2013, Romine says. The company is currently refining its professional development guidelines to fit the roles employees envision.

“We have goals and objectives as a company, of course, but we want to look at each individual’s goals and objectives and see how that can fit into helping them feel excited about their path,” Romine said. “If you find good people and give them the support to grow and feel appreciated, then chances are you as a company will flourish.”

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